Rick Bach



 Rick Bach
                                                                Dead Cats Don't Eat Your Grass

About the Artist                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Rick Bach is a Pittsburgh-based artist whose usual medium is metal. He sees his artistic style and technique as a 'stew' of everything from getting an education in commercial art to working in his father's auto repair shops.As a sculptor, this 'stew' is evident in his architectural design and fabrication projects. His work is machismo and frequently politically motivated. Some begs us to consider who is the protector, and who the protectorate. Whatever the motivation, it is always satirical. Horses are a common element in his work. When asked why, he replies
"What is more American than horses?"

Rich Bach began his 'stew' by working alongside his father repairing cars from 1969 - 1980. Much of the work was fabricating choppers and hot rods. He began airbrushing in the second grade, and by the sixth grade was charging to airbrush other kid's models. By the tenth grade, he took over the airbrush biz of his father's custom business.

He studied visual communications from 1986 - 1989 at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.





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